May 8th

Hi!! Oh my goodness..hi! It’s me again, just coming at you with some words:);)

Today I wanted to write a little love letter to you all….just to remind you that you are special and you have worth. Yesterday, I saw my company perform from the audience`s perspective…a place I am usually not viewing from…I was not in one of the runs for this ballet so I decided to go out and watch…a night out, just me..😹 I thought hey it will be fun..I am a person who loves being in a big city all by myself and I don’t have to spend money or go anywhere fancy, I just like to walk and stare at the tall buildings that tower above me…I never really know where I am walking, but I just like to admire the atmosphere around me…it is something I would always love to do with my mummy and daddy. Now the ballet I saw, the main concept…LOVE…..! It was truly beautiful and something I am so happy I saw. The dancing was beautiful and not only that but Orlando ballet had Sisaundra Lewis singing some Whitney Houston….and yo girl loves me some Whitney. Anyways, it was truly special to watch what I feel so blessed to do everyday…dance ballet:);) I thank the Lord I get to express my emotions through something so historic and beautiful. I have been through my share of hard trials and tears. And most of the time, I keep it all inside and draw a smile on my face because to me being sad to me means I am weak. Some days I feel like I am not enough. Recently, God has brought so much love into my life. In fact it has been there all along and me being curious me has decided to find that love. I want to fall deeper in love with my king Jesus Christ because He is the purest form of love there is. Yep, I struggle with perfectionism and the need to please others constanly. I will however not let people use me because of this….too many times people with bad intentions seek out someone with a kind heart, someone who is shy (aka me) and use them to get what they want. I am shy and sometimes people see that as a weakness, almost like leverage to use you to get what they want….because they know you are kind and wont say no. Recently, I have learned to open up about my feelings and I wanted to share this with you. A lot has happened thus year and I would change a thing the good and bad. I say this because what has happened has given me a strength I did not have before. The strength of love…..anytime I have a hardship….my family is always there for me!! My mommy who I admire so much, I talk to her everyday on the phone before ballet because we are the same person and she thinks I am so funny meanwhile people are like, “Kira, you have been on the phone forever!!” hehe…I love my Grammy always cheers me aunt and uncle share my love of tea and England! And going on walks with my daddy always gives me fresh air and smiles!!:) family means everything to me and evermore, I thank the Lord for them. Thanks family for cheering me up.

With this being said, I want to write a love letter for you….

Be kind to yourself, just as you are kind to others. Pleasing someone does not mean you should be killing yourself to do so. I won’t get into it, but I have experienced this a lot recently. You can not fix someone, be kind help and fight your best fight by killing with kindness…a narrsacist is a person who brings people down….you do you and bring people up. Be that person who loves at all costs. Keep smiling love, because your worth every fact your worth more than all the pennies in the wishing well. The Lord made you with your own individual brightness and not one person can take that…if someone does try to change you…they are only jealous or have some self issues they too are dealing with. Show some love….let’s not focus on what we can’t change…move on and inspire to focus on family, God, and friends…the love that is constant in our lives!!:);)

take care of your self by showing others your humble love that God gave you..I promise it will make you feel better too😇

Oh and by the way my daddy and I went dolphin scouting and saw 10 or 20 swimming in Daytona Beach…beauties😉




August 21 2017

today was my first day at Orlando ballet school after a five week summer intensive and traveling back to Colorado for a short period of time to see all my furr babies and mommy and family and friends!!  While I was there we spent a lot of time playing cards, drinking tea, and I also took some classes at my local studio…and my favourite thing spending time with my mommy!!  My grammy and grandpa came out which was super fun too!! The Sunday before I left I went to church with my mommy and pastor Eric spoke a great message about the importance of society and how society’s mind can shape the world.  This is very important, especially in today’s world.  We cannot let the world make us someone we are not or someone God has not intended us to be.  We were reading out of Luke.  Jesus wants us to pursue a life fully devoted to Him and while being who He created us to be.  This is what I always tell people: just do you and do you through God and only through God.  He is my greatest inspiration and I hope He is yours too!!  Keep fighting to not only let God’s light and your light shine throughout your personality and character, but also in how you act towards one another.  Do not just go with the flow of the world and just go to collage because you only have that option…or my friend is going out late and doing bad things…so therefore i am going to do that.  No….God created us to create using the talents and BLESSED gifts that He gave us each individually!!  Use them to the best of your might be hard but you can will make it in this world.  Others might see you as weird or different but at least you know that you are living and leading a life God and you want to live…and not the other way around.  What is worse than letting the world mold you into something you don’t enjoy…when God can mold you into something beautiful!!  Be bright and run to the light, this is why read God’s word is so important especially now day’s!!

My grandpa reminded us all of this the night before I left and it was the perfect way to start my new dancing days here in Orlando. Keep strong in God’s word and do not let anyone burn your light out!!  and I like that!! 🙂


courtney noel pic
photo by Courtney Noel



Be bright beauties!!


Kira :););):)