April 18, 2017

April 18, 2017

Beauty within is Golden….


Photographer: Katherine Marie


March 29, 2017



One of my favorite photos by Joel Hawkins!!

Keep dreaming and keep jumping!! and pointing your toes!!  :);)

also today is my birthday, the 29th of March!!  I wrote this early this morning and just had to add some fun picture above, featuring my feet!! and now I am just posting it much later in day  because I had to do so much today and had day filled with birthday wishes with my mommy and daddy!! I think when your reading this it will probably be March 30th!!  bahaha!! I had the most amazing day and I had the blessing to see a Christian ballet company perform called, Ballet 5:8!!  it was truly inspiring with beautiful dancers, and a beautiful message!! a day filled with laughter, family, Jesus, ballet, and locking myself out of my car; bahaha funny story!! I could not ask for a more blessed birthday!! best birthday wishes from Jesus!!



March 10, 2016


Photographer: Joel Hawkins

Love this photo!! Keep dreaming and today is my mommy’s birthday so if you could send her your birthday wishes please, it would mean a lot to me!!march is a fantastic month don’t you agree?!!:)

:)Find him on Facebook and instagram as @coloradoballerinas

November 28, 2016

Be Bright!!;)

~Be strong soldier and do not flee from yours fears.  Be like a lion and run free.  And attack!!

~Be beautiful in the most true way and that way is to be yourself!!!! 😉


Photographer: Katherine Marie ( Check her work out it is beautiful and she is so lovely!! Instagram : @KatherineMariePhoto )

Dancer: Me, Kira 🙂