May 8th

Hi!! Oh my goodness..hi! It’s me again, just coming at you with some words:);)

Today I wanted to write a little love letter to you all….just to remind you that you are special and you have worth. Yesterday, I saw my company perform from the audience`s perspective…a place I am usually not viewing from…I was not in one of the runs for this ballet so I decided to go out and watch…a night out, just me..😹 I thought hey it will be fun..I am a person who loves being in a big city all by myself and I don’t have to spend money or go anywhere fancy, I just like to walk and stare at the tall buildings that tower above me…I never really know where I am walking, but I just like to admire the atmosphere around me…it is something I would always love to do with my mummy and daddy. Now the ballet I saw, the main concept…LOVE…..! It was truly beautiful and something I am so happy I saw. The dancing was beautiful and not only that but Orlando ballet had Sisaundra Lewis singing some Whitney Houston….and yo girl loves me some Whitney. Anyways, it was truly special to watch what I feel so blessed to do everyday…dance ballet:);) I thank the Lord I get to express my emotions through something so historic and beautiful. I have been through my share of hard trials and tears. And most of the time, I keep it all inside and draw a smile on my face because to me being sad to me means I am weak. Some days I feel like I am not enough. Recently, God has brought so much love into my life. In fact it has been there all along and me being curious me has decided to find that love. I want to fall deeper in love with my king Jesus Christ because He is the purest form of love there is. Yep, I struggle with perfectionism and the need to please others constanly. I will however not let people use me because of this….too many times people with bad intentions seek out someone with a kind heart, someone who is shy (aka me) and use them to get what they want. I am shy and sometimes people see that as a weakness, almost like leverage to use you to get what they want….because they know you are kind and wont say no. Recently, I have learned to open up about my feelings and I wanted to share this with you. A lot has happened thus year and I would change a thing the good and bad. I say this because what has happened has given me a strength I did not have before. The strength of love…..anytime I have a hardship….my family is always there for me!! My mommy who I admire so much, I talk to her everyday on the phone before ballet because we are the same person and she thinks I am so funny meanwhile people are like, “Kira, you have been on the phone forever!!” hehe…I love my Grammy always cheers me aunt and uncle share my love of tea and England! And going on walks with my daddy always gives me fresh air and smiles!!:) family means everything to me and evermore, I thank the Lord for them. Thanks family for cheering me up.

With this being said, I want to write a love letter for you….

Be kind to yourself, just as you are kind to others. Pleasing someone does not mean you should be killing yourself to do so. I won’t get into it, but I have experienced this a lot recently. You can not fix someone, be kind help and fight your best fight by killing with kindness…a narrsacist is a person who brings people down….you do you and bring people up. Be that person who loves at all costs. Keep smiling love, because your worth every fact your worth more than all the pennies in the wishing well. The Lord made you with your own individual brightness and not one person can take that…if someone does try to change you…they are only jealous or have some self issues they too are dealing with. Show some love….let’s not focus on what we can’t change…move on and inspire to focus on family, God, and friends…the love that is constant in our lives!!:);)

take care of your self by showing others your humble love that God gave you..I promise it will make you feel better too😇

Oh and by the way my daddy and I went dolphin scouting and saw 10 or 20 swimming in Daytona Beach…beauties😉




My foot warm~up:)

Nutcracker is here!! Yay!! 😉 and along with sugar plums and the magic of Christmas comes with cold and long days.  I am going to show you some of my tips and tricks that help keep my feet warm and strong!!

The first thing I like to do when I pop into the studio is warm my feet up and before every ballet technique class I always do this same foot warm up since i started dancing in Colorado!!🐭😉

  • I first start out with ‘20 flex and points’ on each foot with my Thera band
  • and since it is Christmas, I of course have some fuzzy Christmas socks on..I am Christmas elf at heart!!😉😉
  • I then do ‘20 caterpillars’ each foot and if you font know what caterpillars are…you basically star with your foot laying flat on the ground and scrunch your arch up kind of like a caterpillar.  It basically just works the tiny muscles in your arch..I like these a lot and they help keep my feet very strong I always make sure I do these whenever I am just on the tube, in the car, or watching it’s a wonderful life!!;)
  • I then put on my booties, which keep my feet very warm…I never really thought I would need these since I am constantly dancing in pointe shoes all day, my feet never really get cold.  Then I realized that the only time my feet are always cold, is when I am waiting to go out onstage.  I was given some free booties..which I am thankful for!! You can find some at REI or discount dance..look for mountain climbing booties.  I find they are perfect for keeping me little feet warm  whilst waiting to go onstage and the keep my pointe shoes from getting dirty from the theaters floors..and they are pink too that always makes a difference!!😉
  • I then take my half foam log that I got from my favorite pt in CO…and i just do 20 roll through to demi pointe on the top of the foam long.  If you don’t have one of these I highly suggest getting one.  Perfect for stretching your Achilles tendon..I have tendinitis in my ankles so this is a must for me.
  • another item I keep on hand tiger best friend!!  Get the extra red strenght..the strongest it is bright orange balm that you can use on your sore muscles..and i actually like to apply it to my ankles to help with my soreness and then I put a little bit under my nose before I go onstage because it smells like peppermint..Perfect for nutcracker!!
  • I then repeat every thing I did in my booties.. in my ballet slippers.  ’20 tendus’
  • I then stretch my Achilles and calves then I roll my feet out with my little wooden roller thing that my teacher from CO gave me..still have it and use it ever day.  Thanks miss Caitlin!!😀




The magic of Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you?

They greatest gifts come in small packages..I promise you!!;)

I was out with my daddy a couple of days ago at a little craft store.  They had these little music boxes for sale.  Not the box but just the tiny little device inside the music box that you don’t normally see.  I picked one up and spun the little played away in a manger and I think another one played somewhere over the Rainbow.  It was so pretty to just listen to is amazing how something so tiny can create such pretty music.  I asked my daddy how it worked.  He explained, there are tiny dots that are placed along the roll and that when you crank the handle the roll spins the tiny keys over each dot until it makes music!! It is like a tiny piano!!  It made me think how amazing something so small can create such pretty music…much like are savior Jesus Christ.  Nothing special or fancy…just a tiny baby lying in a manger.  That baby being born is the most beautiful thing that ever was. This Christmas take a moment yourself and think…what does Christmas mean to you.

An old one from a Christmas concert with my friends from CO😉

To me, Jesus is the reason for this season…but shouldn’t He be the reason for all seasons? Of course He should!! Take a moment everyday to celebrate the tiny gift, baby Jesus!! Just imagine what Mary was thinking..her little baby boy is the son of God.  How can such a tiny little person do so much for a world in need? It would be so incredible to witness the birth of our savior, I can’t even imagine what Mary was thinking. I am sure that the day of Jesus’  birth for Mary was so special becsu she became a loving mother to baby Jesus when all along Jesus became our loving father!!  The best gifts really do come in small packages!!  Weather you are dancing in the Nutcracker this year, singing Christmas carols or just spending time with family….do everything in celebration and with great joy for Jesus Christ is born and I think that this is pretty darn neat!!🐭😇😉

Pic by the Bible app😇

Merry Christmas I hope you spend it with lots of dancing smiles and family..I know I am excited too!!;)



August 21 2017

today was my first day at Orlando ballet school after a five week summer intensive and traveling back to Colorado for a short period of time to see all my furr babies and mommy and family and friends!!  While I was there we spent a lot of time playing cards, drinking tea, and I also took some classes at my local studio…and my favourite thing spending time with my mommy!!  My grammy and grandpa came out which was super fun too!! The Sunday before I left I went to church with my mommy and pastor Eric spoke a great message about the importance of society and how society’s mind can shape the world.  This is very important, especially in today’s world.  We cannot let the world make us someone we are not or someone God has not intended us to be.  We were reading out of Luke.  Jesus wants us to pursue a life fully devoted to Him and while being who He created us to be.  This is what I always tell people: just do you and do you through God and only through God.  He is my greatest inspiration and I hope He is yours too!!  Keep fighting to not only let God’s light and your light shine throughout your personality and character, but also in how you act towards one another.  Do not just go with the flow of the world and just go to collage because you only have that option…or my friend is going out late and doing bad things…so therefore i am going to do that.  No….God created us to create using the talents and BLESSED gifts that He gave us each individually!!  Use them to the best of your might be hard but you can will make it in this world.  Others might see you as weird or different but at least you know that you are living and leading a life God and you want to live…and not the other way around.  What is worse than letting the world mold you into something you don’t enjoy…when God can mold you into something beautiful!!  Be bright and run to the light, this is why read God’s word is so important especially now day’s!!

My grandpa reminded us all of this the night before I left and it was the perfect way to start my new dancing days here in Orlando. Keep strong in God’s word and do not let anyone burn your light out!!  and I like that!! 🙂


courtney noel pic
photo by Courtney Noel



Be bright beauties!!


Kira :););):)

Meet my furry friends..


I have something exciting to tell you all..and i have been waiting for a while now to tell you!!

As you know I love cats so berry much!! And I have three so I thought I would introduce you to them…

this is Buddy..he is old we took him in as a stray.  Reckon he is about 12 years old!! He would not leave our backyard so we gave him a nice little home!!  He makes me happy!!:)
and then there’s moo (Milkshake Walton) he’s a funny little guy!!:)
meet Lucy..she is a little sweet thing!!  She is my mommy’s and my only girl kitty!!:);)

and last but not least…meet are newest member of our little family..

meet Dewy (short for Dewdrop) inpsired but Nutcracker hehe!! my little pig..he is so very cute and I am so thankful that my mommy bought him for me..thanks mommy!! the pet mart was not sure how old he is they did not tell me..I reckon he is about 2 years!! When I venture to Florida to dance there.. he will come along since he is little enough to fit in my tiny car..I am driving all the way with my daddy.  Dewy is the perfect travel buddy!! I call him my bear..he looks just like a black bear!!:) oh and let me just say I love my little cat ear warmer it makes me ears of course!;):)



in the garden

I like to think of my life as a garden….:):)

And in my garden I have my family, friends, ballet, and God.  And it certainly takes a lot to tend a garden.  You have to water each aspect of your garden and take care in bringing kindness to all in your garden!!  Think.. you would not want to grow bad things in your garden so neither in your life too!!  Right!!  Instead fill your garden with light, fuel it with happiness, keep your hobbies growing as the wild flowers, tend to friends, family and most important God!!  You would over or underwater any flower right or water one more than the other?  The same thing goes for your garden too!!  Tend to each aspect equally!  God deserves just as much personal time from you as your family.  Even if we do not see him in the flesh, he is still there.  God has placed family, hobbies like dancing, traveling or painting and so on… our lives to give our garden color!! Dare to explore and adventure out into your own garden.  Keep it pretty, clean, you and fill it with kindness after all, you only have one!!

Don’t be afraid if you have not found your garden yet or if your garden is not “up to par” with others.  God will fill it with happy things, you just have to let Him in first!!  And when you do… you will see the ivy peeking through the wall!!  This is what God does!!:):)He loves us!!:):)

Dare to try new things and fill you life’s garden with kindness, joy, and happiness!!

Here is a beautiful song that really explains the relationship with God and the garden (your life) and this is one of my favorite songs by Kari Jobe!

take a listen….:):)





What inspires you in your everyday life, career, or passion?

Rhapsody pic by Ted Mehl this performance was so much fun and so very special..I’ll never forget it!!;):)

Inspiration is a very important necessity for my career in ballet.  You want to be like the people who inspire you and sometimes that makes it hard to find who you are or can be.  With this being said, take what inspires you or who inspires you and use it to ignite your flame and you’ll do just fine!!  For me, I like watching dancers that have similar qualities, but also dancers that have different qualities.  I like to watch dancers that tell a story or who are able to express raw emotion through movement, and to me this is inspiring!!  One of my biggest inspirations is my family and God.  My mommy and my daddy really have taught me so much in life.  My daddy is the hardest worker I know!  He taught me that personal hard work can make even the smallest light shine!! 🙂  And I am so very thankful to God for him.  He was there from the very beginning and worked so hard with his own hands to keep me dancing!!  He even just finished designing and building his own motorcycle too!!  He inspires me to work as hard as him in my craft, ballet!! 🙂 My mommy is one of the most beautiful inside and out!!  God definitely placed her in my life when I need someone to lean on!  I look up to her everyday because seeing the smile on her face when I dance is what makes me light up with joy too!!  True beauty lies within and that’s for sure!!  When I was younger, I would always watch these amazing ballerinas on old video tapes.  For me it was so special to have someone that talented to look up to!  I never thought about it then, but now that I am older dancing and performing it so special to see even just one face light up!  “It’s the little things that make me do what I do!!” 🙂

pic by Shannon Reed

This year my studio that I used to train is performing Cinderella.  This ballet is special to me because it was the first ballet that I had my on “solo” part in.  I was Cinderella’s cat, and you know I love my kitty cats.  This year a younger student has been so excited to have been cast as the cat in Cinderella, knowing that I too was once the kitty cat!!  This makes me so happy to know I have inspired another little dancer!! 🙂 My teacher who danced at NBS (Canada’s National Ballet School) and Tulsa Ballet, has always been an inspirations to me!!  She taught my first ballet class and I remember thinking, “I don’t know how I am going to do it yet, but I want to be like her, I want to be a ballerina!!”  As I kept dancing through the years I learned so much from her and all my amazing teachers.  Of course my “thing” was always having bent knees in my arabesque!!  haha, still is a little!! 🙂 Working on it!!  One of the most important things I learned from her was to never be shy!  She would always say, “Kira, it does not matter if you are the smallest one in the class, just do your thing and stand in the front of the class.  And always be bright before every performance.  My first performance of Clara in the Nutcracker was so magical because of her and what inspires me most about her is the fact that she is such a lady of God!!

Maria Kochetkova

Seeing younger dancers look up to me reminds me of when I was in their place and that little wink or glance you receive from an older dancer is so special, especially at that age.  You are so willing and for me watching others dancers inspires me to be the best that I can be.  And if I can inspire younger or older generations, that makes me feel purpose.  And that is what inspires me!!

I never imagined that I would be an inspiration to others.  I perform onstage in front of hundreds of people, my family, and God.  And when my dance is over or I finish the ballet, I always thank God for dancing with me through every step, every movement, like He is right there with me.  This makes it so much more fun, through every pirouette He is there too!!  Even if it is just one person out of an audience of hundreds that smiles or feels joy or emotion through my dancing, I know I have done my job.  To be an inspiration, to work hard, feel the burn, and to fly onstage is why I dance!!

Some of the ballerinas who have inspired me since I started dancing have something different about each dancer.  Joy Womack is an American ballerina who moved to Russia to dance because it was her dream to receive Russian training and dance in a company there, and I admire that!  She went for what so wanted and that is amazing!!  I am a strong believer of doing what makes you happy in life!!  I believe God created us to use or passions to our fullest ability, this is what makes us beautiful humans!!  Lauren Lovette is with New York City Ballet, my favorite ballet company in the USA!!  She is such a fun dancer to watch, always joyful and always true to herself!!  Alina Cojocaru, she is very special to me, a true artist and so kind hearted onstage!!  Alina was one of the first ballerina’s I started watching on video along with Polina Seminova!!  I absolutely love Dana Benton’s dancing!  I had the opportunity to see her perform Petite Mort and take her class!!  She inspires me to dance the best I can dance, to be bright, break limits and though she be small she is mighty!! 🙂

(check them out):

  • Alina Cojocaru
  • Caitlin Hoffman
  • Dana Benton
  • Lauren Lovette
  • Polina Seminova
  • Maria Kochetkova
  • Marianela Nunez
  • Joy Womack (Joy has a youtube, she vlogs her life as an American ballerina in Russia! Check it out, it’s pretty cool!!)

Here is a clip of one of my favorite ballerinas from Colorado Ballet, Dana Benton