Cute Cat Wainking Drawing

Hello, my name is Kira!  Welcome to Vintage Velveteen!  Here on my little blog, I like to share some of my tips and tricks in my life as a dancer and a person.  I created this space to share some unique tips on how we can be better versions of ourselves through family, God, health, style, and sharing with you the little bits of happy that make the world a better place!!  This little place is open for you too!!  Now, here is a tiny bit about me.  I absolutely love cats and have three, but I promise you I am not a crazy cat lady! I am a ballet dancer and enjoy every minute of being one!!  I hope you can find some tips, tricks, and recipes here that add a little sparkle to your life!  After all, I think it is of utmost importance to remember these three details:  be YOU, be REAL, but don’t forget to add a little SPARKLE! 😉

*You can check out my BALLET PHOTO DIARY, to follow along with my dance journey!*

Cute Cat Drawing


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