My foot warm~up:)

Nutcracker is here!! Yay!! 😉 and along with sugar plums and the magic of Christmas comes with cold and long days.  I am going to show you some of my tips and tricks that help keep my feet warm and strong!!

The first thing I like to do when I pop into the studio is warm my feet up and before every ballet technique class I always do this same foot warm up since i started dancing in Colorado!!🐭😉

  • I first start out with ‘20 flex and points’ on each foot with my Thera band
  • and since it is Christmas, I of course have some fuzzy Christmas socks on..I am Christmas elf at heart!!😉😉
  • I then do ‘20 caterpillars’ each foot and if you font know what caterpillars are…you basically star with your foot laying flat on the ground and scrunch your arch up kind of like a caterpillar.  It basically just works the tiny muscles in your arch..I like these a lot and they help keep my feet very strong I always make sure I do these whenever I am just on the tube, in the car, or watching it’s a wonderful life!!;)
  • I then put on my booties, which keep my feet very warm…I never really thought I would need these since I am constantly dancing in pointe shoes all day, my feet never really get cold.  Then I realized that the only time my feet are always cold, is when I am waiting to go out onstage.  I was given some free booties..which I am thankful for!! You can find some at REI or discount dance..look for mountain climbing booties.  I find they are perfect for keeping me little feet warm  whilst waiting to go onstage and the keep my pointe shoes from getting dirty from the theaters floors..and they are pink too that always makes a difference!!😉
  • I then take my half foam log that I got from my favorite pt in CO…and i just do 20 roll through to demi pointe on the top of the foam long.  If you don’t have one of these I highly suggest getting one.  Perfect for stretching your Achilles tendon..I have tendinitis in my ankles so this is a must for me.
  • another item I keep on hand tiger best friend!!  Get the extra red strenght..the strongest it is bright orange balm that you can use on your sore muscles..and i actually like to apply it to my ankles to help with my soreness and then I put a little bit under my nose before I go onstage because it smells like peppermint..Perfect for nutcracker!!
  • I then repeat every thing I did in my booties.. in my ballet slippers.  ’20 tendus’
  • I then stretch my Achilles and calves then I roll my feet out with my little wooden roller thing that my teacher from CO gave me..still have it and use it ever day.  Thanks miss Caitlin!!😀





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