The magic of Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you?

They greatest gifts come in small packages..I promise you!!;)

I was out with my daddy a couple of days ago at a little craft store.  They had these little music boxes for sale.  Not the box but just the tiny little device inside the music box that you don’t normally see.  I picked one up and spun the little played away in a manger and I think another one played somewhere over the Rainbow.  It was so pretty to just listen to is amazing how something so tiny can create such pretty music.  I asked my daddy how it worked.  He explained, there are tiny dots that are placed along the roll and that when you crank the handle the roll spins the tiny keys over each dot until it makes music!! It is like a tiny piano!!  It made me think how amazing something so small can create such pretty music…much like are savior Jesus Christ.  Nothing special or fancy…just a tiny baby lying in a manger.  That baby being born is the most beautiful thing that ever was. This Christmas take a moment yourself and think…what does Christmas mean to you.

An old one from a Christmas concert with my friends from CO😉

To me, Jesus is the reason for this season…but shouldn’t He be the reason for all seasons? Of course He should!! Take a moment everyday to celebrate the tiny gift, baby Jesus!! Just imagine what Mary was thinking..her little baby boy is the son of God.  How can such a tiny little person do so much for a world in need? It would be so incredible to witness the birth of our savior, I can’t even imagine what Mary was thinking. I am sure that the day of Jesus’  birth for Mary was so special becsu she became a loving mother to baby Jesus when all along Jesus became our loving father!!  The best gifts really do come in small packages!!  Weather you are dancing in the Nutcracker this year, singing Christmas carols or just spending time with family….do everything in celebration and with great joy for Jesus Christ is born and I think that this is pretty darn neat!!🐭😇😉

Pic by the Bible app😇

Merry Christmas I hope you spend it with lots of dancing smiles and family..I know I am excited too!!;)




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