Meet my furry friends..


I have something exciting to tell you all..and i have been waiting for a while now to tell you!!

As you know I love cats so berry much!! And I have three so I thought I would introduce you to them…

this is Buddy..he is old we took him in as a stray.  Reckon he is about 12 years old!! He would not leave our backyard so we gave him a nice little home!!  He makes me happy!!:)
and then there’s moo (Milkshake Walton) he’s a funny little guy!!:)
meet Lucy..she is a little sweet thing!!  She is my mommy’s and my only girl kitty!!:);)

and last but not least…meet are newest member of our little family..

meet Dewy (short for Dewdrop) inpsired but Nutcracker hehe!! my little pig..he is so very cute and I am so thankful that my mommy bought him for me..thanks mommy!! the pet mart was not sure how old he is they did not tell me..I reckon he is about 2 years!! When I venture to Florida to dance there.. he will come along since he is little enough to fit in my tiny car..I am driving all the way with my daddy.  Dewy is the perfect travel buddy!! I call him my bear..he looks just like a black bear!!:) oh and let me just say I love my little cat ear warmer it makes me ears of course!;):)




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