in the garden

I like to think of my life as a garden….:):)

And in my garden I have my family, friends, ballet, and God.  And it certainly takes a lot to tend a garden.  You have to water each aspect of your garden and take care in bringing kindness to all in your garden!!  Think.. you would not want to grow bad things in your garden so neither in your life too!!  Right!!  Instead fill your garden with light, fuel it with happiness, keep your hobbies growing as the wild flowers, tend to friends, family and most important God!!  You would over or underwater any flower right or water one more than the other?  The same thing goes for your garden too!!  Tend to each aspect equally!  God deserves just as much personal time from you as your family.  Even if we do not see him in the flesh, he is still there.  God has placed family, hobbies like dancing, traveling or painting and so on… our lives to give our garden color!! Dare to explore and adventure out into your own garden.  Keep it pretty, clean, you and fill it with kindness after all, you only have one!!

Don’t be afraid if you have not found your garden yet or if your garden is not “up to par” with others.  God will fill it with happy things, you just have to let Him in first!!  And when you do… you will see the ivy peeking through the wall!!  This is what God does!!:):)He loves us!!:):)

Dare to try new things and fill you life’s garden with kindness, joy, and happiness!!

Here is a beautiful song that really explains the relationship with God and the garden (your life) and this is one of my favorite songs by Kari Jobe!

take a listen….:):)





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