Forever on the Throne!! 🙂

I used to be really scared of what people would think of me and I was a very shy person and still am a little bit, but I used to try to be perfect for other people and most of all try to be perfect for God.  I used to think that this is what makes a “godly” whole human.  Until God really lifted a weight off my shoulders.  And that weight was myself.  I now let myself be much more open and engage in what life throws my way, knowing that just being me and wearing my crown that my Savior Jesus Christ placed on my head is enough.

Do not let your peers compare you to other people’s successful lives and make you think that you too have to do exactly what they are doing just to be happy.  Don’t think, “oh hey, if they are happy and successful because they chose that path, then I should do the same.”  No!! Their success story is not the same as yours.

I am happy for the people when they reach their lifetime goal or when they achieve something they have been working on their whole life because that is what God planned for them.  That is their story.  And I know that all I need and ever want to do is dance on the path the God has for me!!  God will put you in your happiest place.  Keep doing you and keep dreaming!! 🙂 Laugh, run, skip, jump, and free fall into what you know best!!  If it brings you joy then in the most efficient and healthy way, that is all you need.  You don’t need perfection or fall into someone else’s footsteps to be happy.  I want to be a ballerina that inspires others to do what they love.  Just take in Jesus, family, good health and all the laughter and smiles you can get!  To me life is all about experience and I want to take it all in, as much as I can.  I love going on a hike with my daddy and taking in the crisp Colorado air that God breaths too.  I love laughing non-stop with my mommy and playing cards with family.  Even the smallest things in life make you who you are!

fullsizerender                                         God is Forever – Live – Breath – and dance!!

I  live a much more free life, knowing that I am filling it with strength and lots of dancing and this makes me happy.  I get to run around in pointe shoes all day and who wouldn’t want to do that!!  Sure it is hard at times and I have put myself through pain at times, danced when I was sick, and have had a surgery on my left ankle but nothing scares me knowing that I have God on my side.  I mean, what else have we got to loose after all; God gifted us with the best reward in the end: freedom and eternity in His kingdom forever.  And hearing that makes me scared of nothing!!:)  That is magic right there and that is all I need!!  Knowing that I can run, leap, and soar without falling and that I am forever in His arms is the most fearless feeling ever….and I want to be fearless!! How could anyone be scared if you have that feeling!!

Forever is a feeling and forever is God!! 🙂    

Check out this video by one of my favorite artists Kari Jobe.  She is a beautiful singer/songwriter and God really gifted her with beautiful soul!  Her video of  ‘Forever’ has a perfect message about how God is forever close to you in your own individual needs and how He forever reigns!!  Check the link out above!!:)


Voila!! There you go!!…and that is what makes God happy: You just beautiful, You:)!!  Hear His voice, “always remember, my child and do not forget who I created you to be!!:) Hope you enjoyed!! Lots of love!!:):)



~Kira :):)


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