November 29, 2016

Scripture is like a lion.  Who ever heard of defending a lion?  Just turn it loose and it will defend itself!

~Charles Spurgeon



You must let your self take in all that the world has to offer before you pick and choose what you want and have hope in God that everything that is meant to be will be and everything that is not will be overcome by the light that was already within you!

I want to share with you something that is so special to me, an artist who is very special to me!  Charles Spurgeon is his name and you can read some of his work  a little bit more about who he was and what he did:

I absolutely love this quote pictured above and I have put a few other words above the picture about lions quoted by Charles Spurgeon as well!

Feel  free to read in to as much as possible and don’t forget to be open to as much information and scripture as you can get your hands on!! It is good for the mind soul and body to take time to rest and read!!;) 🙂


Kira 😉




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