Hello everyone!  It is early in the morning here.  I just decided to wake up early today, might as well get ahead start!  I will also be creating a new blog post today about autumn and what I am looking forward to!  That will be up tomorrow, so take a look!  If you were wondering, I go to ordinary school just like everybody else.  The only difference is that I have a special schedule that allows me to finish up school work when ever I can!  So I guess I am kind of homeschooled, so that I have enough time for ballet in my day!  That might have been a little random, but why not tell you all something more about me!  I thought today I would talk about never giving up.  Let me just tell you how difficult it can be to never give up in ballet/dance!  The demands of ballet are very taxing on your body and can be to your mind as well.  I have been working very hard lately since it is Nutcracker season!  This year I have made a big difference in my attitude about the whole never giving up thing!   There are days that are hard, but when I have those days I use that “fuel to keep the fire burning!”  This makes me work even harder.  When you put the right attitude towards whatever you may be doing, you can do anything!  Nothing is as important than believing in yourself!  Also, when things might not be going your way, work even harder.  At the very end of a ballet class is when I am the most tired, but that is when I give it my all.  This will make you stand out!  Bring your 100% to the table even when you think you can’t or that people won’t like what you do!  Life in itself is supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t then everyone could do it!  It always helps me to just dance for myself because why not?  JUST GO FOR IT, that is my motto!  Most of all do not live with limits, you will never become better at something unless you take the first steps toward it.  Most of all do not let others tell you that you can’t do something, just do you!



“Never give up on a dream, just because of how long it may take to accomplish it.  The time will pass away.”

~Quote from (found in motivational quotes)


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