Hello!  So as you may have noticed, this is my first blog post!  I am very excited to give some helpful tips for a healthy, happy, life and to start I am going to be talking about being real.  In other words, be YOU!  The key to a happy life is really just being yourself.  I know it may seem hard to “just be you” because you see other people who seem to have the most perfect life.  Honestly, that is not true because there is no such thing as the perfect life and I do not think it would be fun to live a perfect life!  I have found that life is a lot more exciting when you are you!  Most of the time people want to be like someone else or act like someone else may act, but what fun is that?  To be real, means to be 100% you and that is the best you can be!  Enjoy your life through your eyes, not through someone else’s!  As you may or may not know, I am a ballet dancer.  As a dancer, I have to play roles or a certain character when performing a ballet on stage.  When I am playing that particular role, I try not to just be that character, but add my own flares to the character!  This is my little secret to give you all!  When I watch a ballet dancer perform, I am most inspired by the dancers who are unique.  That is it, that is the secret!  Be real, because no one can believe in something fake!  Be YOU, because being you creates something beautiful!



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